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Assignments, Deliverables, Distribution of Grades

There are a number of assignments that make up your final grade, the weights are listed below:

Assignment Description Weight Submission Location
Assignment 1 Team Introduction, Team Setup 5% Repo
Assignment 2 Team Exploration - Diversity and Inclusion 15% Repo
Assignment 3 Tech Choices, Architecture Diagram, Roadmap 20% Repo
Assignment 4 Dev Env, Test Infrastructure, & Production Setup 20% Repo
Assignment 5 UX Research w/Prototype, Roadmap Updates 10% Repo
Assignment 6 Software 20% Repos
Final Demo Final Demo of your Prototype 10% In-class presentation
Bonus Bonus Assignment(s) up to +5% Varies
  Total 100% (+5%)  

Important Notes


While there is no explicit mark for participation, you are expected to be active in the group discussions (usually on the course Quercus site), team chats, class discussions, and general day-to-day operations. If it is noticed that you are not participating at all, we’ll have a talk to dicuss the issue. If you do not correct for these actions, you may be subject to up to a 10% penalty on your final grade.

I am not expecting you to be super outgoing (I’m certainly not the most outgoing myself) but I do expect you to be actively participating when you can. If there are concerns, please let me know in private so we can discuss any issues.