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Class Attendance

While class attendance is mandatory, we will not be taking attendance. This is a senior computer science class with a highly competitive application process. As such, you are trusted to make the best choice for yourself and your team.

However, as stated in the team grade policy, team members all receive the same grade unless there is an obvious discrepency in the output of work, then as per policy we will be forced to give you a different grade. Attendance may be taken into account.

You must also remember that you are in a team. Your team members are counting on you to do your part. Don’t let them down.

I am sick or injured, have an emergency, or family issue

Life happens. I am not going to penalize you for things that are outside of your control. Instead, I ask that you be open and communicate your needs with me whether that is lenience on an assignment deadline or that you may not attend class.

If you are sick and would like to participate in class still, then we can set up a Zoom call for your to join in remotely. DO NOT come to class if you are sick. I do not want myself or other students to become ill because you didn’t want to miss class. I will not penalize you for not attending class due to an illness. Be open and communicate your needs so we can accommodate.

How to ask for help

While I do not need to know the exact details of what happened, just let me know what the issue is and how long you need to recover/return to normal work.

However, for extended absences or issues that persist past the end of the semester we may need to ask the University’s administration for input. We can work through that one together.